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Payment Plans

Payment Plans for Your Dental Care Needs

At Cure Dental, we understand that dental care can sometimes be costly, and we want to ensure that our patients have access to affordable payment options. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans to make your dental treatment more manageable. We accept a variety of payment methods, including Afterpay and DentiCare, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Afterpay: Convenient and Interest-Free

AfterpayAfterpay is a popular payment method that allows you to split the cost of your dental treatment into four equal, interest-free payments. With Afterpay, you can get the care you need without having to pay the full amount upfront. This payment option is especially beneficial for patients who may have otherwise avoided treatment due to financial constraints. By using Afterpay, you can afford the care you need while generating more business for our practice.

One of the advantages of Afterpay is the quick and automatic settlement with practices. Afterpay settles with us on the next business day, eliminating any complicated processes or lengthy wait times.

DentiCare: Customized Payment Plans

DentiCare-Logo-(1)Another payment option we offer is DentiCare, a specialised dental payment plan provider. DentiCare allows you to create a customised payment plan that aligns with your treatment needs and budget. With DentiCare, you can spread out the cost of your dental treatment over a period of time, making it more affordable and manageable for you.

DentiCare offers flexibility in terms of payment frequency and duration. You can choose weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments, depending on what works best for you. Their payment plans can cover a wide range of dental treatments, from routine check-ups and cleanings to more extensive procedures. By opting for DentiCare, you can receive the dental care you need while minimising the financial burden.

Reach Out to Us

At Cure Dental, we want to ensure that financial concerns don’t prevent you from receiving the dental care you deserve. Whether you choose Afterpay or DentiCare, our goal is to make your treatment more accessible and affordable. If you have any questions about our payment options or would like to book a visit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.



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