Dental Implants Parramatta

Professional Dental Implants Parramatta

At Cure Dental, our dentists know that losing a tooth is a dreadful experience for our patients. Tooth loss can affect aesthetics and chewing function. More importantly, tooth loss can affect the health of neighbouring teeth due to tilting and migration of the teeth.

Thanks to modern technology, we can give you a new tooth with minimal invasive surgery and long lasting porcelain crowns with a natural look. We provide dental implants for Parramatta and surrounding areas.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants usually comprise of three parts. The first part is the post resembling the root of our natural teeth placed into the jawbone. The post is made of Titanium metal, which has the special feature “biocompatible”, so that the body system recognises the implant post as its own body part and deposits bone directly onto the implant post.

The second part is the porcelain crown that resembles the tooth crown.

The third part is the connector linking the implant post and the crown called “abutment”. Before the procedure, the case is thoroughly assessed by taking the teeth model and three-dimensional CT scan to evaluate the tissue at the site.

Are implants suitable for every case?

Generally, implants are the ideal option for tooth replacement. Occasionally, if a patient is not physically fit for implant surgery (for example poorly controlled diabetes, receiving injections for osteoporosis, etc.), or the bone volume and quality is not sufficient to support implant post, dental bridge is a good alternative.

Please check dental bridge in Crowns and bridge.

How long does the implant last?

Generally, the dental implant can last more than 10 years, with an average of about 15 years. The most common reason of implant failure is gum and bone recession due to improper hygiene. The implant is just like our own tooth in the way that it can build up plaque and calculus if not cleaned properly.

Occasionally, the porcelain crown can chip with a strong bite or night grinding. The repair or replacement is quite easy as there is a screw access in the implant restoration so that the crown part can be retrievable from the implant post with ease.