No Gap Dental Parramatta

Regular visits to dentist for routine checkup and teeth clean is crucial for your oral health. At cure dental Parramatta, we provide no gap teeth checkup and no gap teeth clean if you have private health insurance. We accept all Australian health insurance.

With continuously increased insurance premium, we understand regular visits to dentist can be a financial burden for you. As one of the a few no gap dentist Parramatta, we waive your gap payment (no out of pocket cost) for preventive treatment, including:

Dental examination
Dental x-ray checkup
Teeth scale, clean and polish
Fluoride treatment

The no gap preventive treatment offer applies for both new patient and existing patient.

With your dental gap covered, you can really come to Cure Dental Parramatta with ease. At regular dental visit, we can also detect your dental problem, such as decay and gum disease, before it causes serious problem that needs treatment such as root canal treatment or extractions.

No gap dentist Parramatta

At Cure Dental Parramatta, we promise that we as dentist no gap, will provide quality dental services with attention to details, the same or better than other gap dentist. Your treatment time will not be shortened and your treatment quality will not be compromised due to the waived gap payment. Our aim is to encourage you and your family to visit us regularly with ease without worry of cost so that you don’t have to come to us with pain and worrying the expensive cost at the same time. At Cure Dental, your dental health is paramount to us.

Our Partners: We accept all private insurance companies, including: