How to Prevent Sensitive Teeth?

How to Prevent Sensitive Teeth?

Do you experience a sharp sensation in your teeth when you eat ice cream or drink hot coffee? Do you feel discomfort when you eat chocolates or some sour food? If so, you may have sensitive teeth.

What is a sensitive tooth?

Teeth sensitivity is a common dental problem, and it is also called as dentine hypersensitivity.  When the enamel of your teeth begins to erode due to excessive wear and tear or dental disease, teeth can become sensitive.

The inside of a tooth is made of a material called dentin that contains microscopic tubules filled with tiny nerve endings. When the enamel wears away, and dentin is exposed, the tooth becomes sensitive.  Teeth sensitivity is a warning sign of serious dental problems. So visit your dentist in Parramatta if you experience it.

What are the causes of sensitive teeth?

  • Plaque:

The purpose of flossing is to remove the plaque from your teeth. But, if you have not flossed regularly and plaque has been accumulated, your tooth becomes sensitive.  An excessive accumulation of plaque can cause tooth enamel to wear away. So, the solution is to visit your Parramatta dental clinic for professional cleanings for removing the plaque and practicing good daily oral care.

  • Dental procedure:

It is common to have a sensitive tooth after dental procedures like a root canal, an extraction, or the placement of a crown. If symptoms do not disappear after a short time, schedule another visit to the Parramatta dentist because it could be a sign of infection.

  • Chipped teeth:

If you have chipped or cracked your teeth, visit your dentist and fix them. A chipped tooth can also cause tooth sensitivity when the enamel wears away over time.

  • Brushing too hard:

Sometimes brushing your teeth hardly can also result in tooth sensitivity. Over time, you will wear down the protective layer of your teeth and expose dentin that leads to your dental nerves. When the dentin is exposed, tooth sensitivity and discomfort can result.

  • Grinding your teeth:

Grinding your teeth is also one of the common reasons of teeth sensitivity because it can wear down the enamel. Talk to your dentist and get mouth guards that can stop you from grinding.

How to prevent sensitive teeth?

  • Brush your teeth twice in a day using the toothpaste suggested by your dentist for sensitive teeth.
  • Do not take too much of acidic foods and drinks like soda, sticky candy, high-sugar carbs because all of these can attack the enamel.
  • Stick on to healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Stop grinding your teeth when you sleep.
  • Do not clean your teeth with too much of force. Use a soft-bristled brush and work at a 45-degree angle to your gum to keep enamel clean and strong.
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