How to care for your Dental Implant?

When should you see an Orthodontist?

A dental implant is a long-term solution for restoring missing tooth or teeth. The dentist places them directly into your jawbone, where they provide an artificial replacement for the missing tooth root. They can support dentures or crowns in similar ways that roots support natural teeth.

Many patients are surprised at how simple the implant placement can be and how they experience minimal discomfort afterwards. Detailed preparation beforehand and technological advancements mean the implant placement is a relatively simple procedure. However, a successful dental implant depends on the aftercare you give. After the implant is placed, it will be your responsibility to practice good oral hygiene for the optimum health of your implant. Just like your natural teeth, the implant should also be kept healthy to avoid problems. Your dentist will give instructions explaining how to look after your mouth immediately after implant placement. This article also guides what to expect after the placement of your dental implant Parramatta and how to keep them and your mouth healthy.

Will my mouth bleed?

You can expect some minor bleeding after dental implant placement, and this is normal. Your dentist might ask you to apply pressure on the area by biting a gauze pad down firmly for about an hour. The gauze should then be removed gently. Repeat the process once again if required.

In the unlikely situation, if bleeding persists, bite down on a wet tea bag; the tannic acid in the tea leaves help promote clotting of blood. However, after having the implants placed, you are likely to experience slight bleeding compared to having a tooth extracted because the implant is fixed into the gaps. There is no open extraction site left to heal.

How to promote healing after dental implant placement?

After getting your dental implant Parramatta avoid rinsing your mouth vigorously and try not to disturb the surgical site with your fingers or tongue for the rest of the day. This might cause bleeding if you dislodge the clot that has formed. Don’t suck on a straw or smoke. This can dislodge the clot and slow down the healing process.

Will I need rest afterwards?

On the day of the procedure at dental Parramatta, put off any activities that include physical extortion. Too much strain can cause throbbing and promote bleeding. If bleeding continues, you should contact your dentist Parramatta right away.

Will I have a swollen face?

You might experience bruising and swelling after implant placement. Swelling might not be apparent until the day after the procedure and will reach its peak 2-3 days later. This is normal and can be minimised by using ice packs. After 24 hours ice pack will no longer have any effect, so at this point, apply moist heat to reduce swelling.

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