Dental Care for Kids! Yes they need it too

Many parents become anxious about their child’s dental health, feeling overwhelmed by their busy schedules and a world full of sugary treats. Even before your child gets that first baby tooth, their teeth are being affected by health and nutrition. Most babies don’t get their baby teeth until they are six months old but, dental care is very important from the beginning.

The key to good oral health for your kids is completely in your hands as a parent, because it starts with teaching them the most basics.

Here are some tips for you to care for your child’s teeth in a relaxed and happy setting.

What are the basic oral care your child should know at home:

  • Teach your little one to brush and floss properly. Start it at an early age.
  • Let him/her see you brushing, and you can also try making a game of it so they could be more likely to pick up the brush and try out when it’s their turn.
  • As soon as your kid gets his first baby teeth, start cleaning it thoroughly.
  • The care you give for his teeth in the youngest age will help him flaunt his smile for a lifetime.
  • When your child can hold a brush, show them how to do it and remember it doesn’t have to be that perfect!
  • Same goes for flossing. Let your child see how you flaws and show them how they should do it.

Trust us, these basics, when taught at a young age, will help your child have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Should I take my child for Professional Cleaning and Dental Checkups?

Yes, take your child for a dental check-up and professional cleaning twice in a year. Visiting the dentist can start by taking your child with you when you go for your check-up, and it could be a chance for them to get used to the new environment.

The dentist Parramatta will also have special techniques to help the visit go smoothly.

How to handle an emergency situation?

There are many types of dental emergencies, typically dental emergencies are caused by injuries. If your child has had his tooth knocked out, as a result of rough playing or simply chipped that has caused pain you may need an emergency trip to the emergency dentist.

Tips to respond to a Dental Emergency:

When your Childs’ mouth is injured, it is vital that you respond calmly and quickly. You should try to minimise further damage if possible. Here are some tips for you to help in those emergencies.

  • Check the Wound:

If your child has chipped or cracked a tooth, take them to the dentist Parramatta as soon as possible to prevent any for the damages.

  • Try to stop the Bleeding Quickly:

Use gauze to apply pressure, and it is an excellent way to try halting the oozing blood which will also make it easier to access the injury.

  • Find the Tooth:

If your child has knocked out his tooth, ensure you find it before you go to the Parramatta dental clinic. If it is his baby tooth, your emergency dentist Parramatta will examine and ensure if it needs to be put back in depending on the condition of the tooth and the age of your child.

Pay good attention to your child oral health as how you do for their general health.

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