When Should You Have An Emergency Dentist Appointment?

Are you experiencing a tooth ache? But how can you tell if the pain is normal or requires an emergency care? Well, a dental emergency can strike anytime and without offering any warning. Do you know, even the smallest problem can quickly turn your meek toothache into a major dental problem if left untreated in due time. Having an emergency dentist Parramatta around the corner, would get you immediate relief from toothache. It is essential to understand which dental problems require an emergency treatment so that you can take swift decisions. Here are a few signs that you should watch for to seek the help of emergency dental clinic Parramatta.

Loose Tooth

It is common to experience wiggly teeth during childhood. But, having loose tooth during adult phase is not appreciable. You might have got a loose tooth due to a tooth injury, accident or due to any dental problems. This could be really painful, for which you must seek help from emergency dentist Parramatta. For this you must ensure that your tooth is strong and intact. Check out for any nerve or jaw damage too. Though it might not demonstrate any immediate signs, considering treatment is vital before the condition worsens. Your dentist Parramatta may ask you to undergo oral examination or X-rays to identify the cause of infection.

Severe Toothache

The severe pain in tooth can be an indicator that it is time to visit your dentist Parramatta. If your tooth ache is less, you can very well consider options at home. If not, visit the emergency dentist at the earliest. There could be various reasons that cause toothache, which depends on the cause.

Bleeding Gums

If you experience bleeding in gums, it indicates early signs of gum disease or gingivitis. If you are already following proper brushing and flossing techniques in your oral care routine, you are indeed doing a great job to prevent gum disease. However, if your gums are aching, you need to find out what is going on. This is because if gum disease is left untreated it will leave the patients with the incapability to restore the teeth back to the healthy shape.

Swollen Jaw

Swelling of jaw is a sure sign of infection. If you are experiencing a swollen jaw combined with a bad taste in mouth, you should seek immediate dental assistance. This bad taste is typically caused by the bacterial infection caused by the blockage in the salivary glands. It can prevent your salivary glands from doing their job.

Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth can be really painful, and is found at the root of the tooth. This is typically cause by the cavity formed in the roots. It can also be because of the trauma that has happened to your tooth. The symptoms of abscessed tooth would include anything from fever to foul tooth in mouth. So make sure that the infection is treated properly.

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