Is It Safe To Use Home Teeth Whitening Kits?

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves to have sparkling white teeth, when we look into the mirror. This has led to the spread of innovative teeth whitening products. These kits are readily available at the convenience store or pharmacy, where you could find several teeth whitening products on the racks. From teeth whitening toothpastes to whitening strips, there are many products in the market, which gives you that perfect smile. But is it okay to use these home whitening kits?  The answer is a big NO.  This is because some products are simply not effective as in cosmetic dentist Parramatta, and some could even end up causing damage to your teeth.

Why A Home Teeth Whitening Kit Might Not Be Right For You?

Due to the busy schedule, many people rely on teeth whitening kits as a popular option to ward off their stained teeth. But, they might not be relatively safe on your teeth. Here are a few reasons as stated by the cosmetic dentist Parramatta.

  • Not Safe For Your Tooth Enamel

These teeth whitening products pose a dental risk, especially on the enamel of the permanent teeth. Your teeth might become sensitive due to prolonged usage and simultaneously end up in mild gingival irritation. This will also increase the risks of teeth demineralisation and damage to the pulp of teeth resulting in tooth erosion.

  • Keeping Up To The Instructions

When you don’t follow the precise instructions as mentioned in the DIY whitening kit, you might run into trouble. Home kits are safe only until you follow the instructions carefully. If you use them excessively, you could permanently erode away your teeth’s enamel and using minimal quantity than suggested could not get desired results.

  • Dental Works

Tooth whitening can fix all the problems that account for an unattractive smile. It is always better to have the issues identified first, fix them and then proceed on to the teeth whitening process. For example when you visit a cosmetic dental clinic Parramatta they will first check for the dental problems or chipped tooth, address them first and then move over to teeth whitening. You need to understand that tooth discolouration starts from the inside of your mouth. Supposing your wisdom tooth is creating problems, then you must opt for wisdom teeth removal Parramatta.

  • Clinical Procedure Is Always Appropriate

Home kits can never offer the level of refinement as that of a clinical procedure.  These kits have highly concentrated bleaching agent, which is sure to harm your teeth. Whereas, a cosmetic dentist is trained in various teeth whitening techniques to offer you that dazzling bright smile. Also, clinical teeth whitening usually takes only a fewer sessions, and might last longer.

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