Is It Okay To Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

Is It Okay To Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth sensitivity could be caused due to gingivitis, receding gums or chipped teeth. This could make the process of teeth whitening a bit complicated. This is why it is a great idea to consult with your cosmetic dentist Parramatta before considering any teeth whitening program. This is because, there are a lot of chances that the teeth whitening process may exacerbate the condition. Your cosmetic dentist Parramatta knows about your teeth and dental history better, and can work with you to create the best option to whiten sensitive teeth.

All You Need To Know About Teeth Sensitivity

There could be many reasons for teeth sensitivity. But, do you know Teeth sensitivity could be another common side effect of the teeth whitening process. This is actually true in the case of people who have not experienced sensitive tooth otherwise. There are many teeth whitening treatment options available from natural cures to store-bought teeth whitening toothpastes to professional cosmetic treatments at dental clinic Parramatta. In this case, the most efficient teeth whitening methods available is from the dentist, where he uses a gentle dental-grade bleaching agent for better and durable whitening effects.

Prevent Teeth Whitening Sensitivity – Before Treatment

Any patient who is planning to go through an expert teeth whitening treatment, should increase necessary defence against sensitivity by using toothpaste that helps fight sensitivity or gel, before one week as a minimum during the commencement of the treatment. Though changing toothpaste might not completely prevent tooth sensitivity, it can temporarily put a stop to teeth sensitivity.

Prevent Teeth Whitening Sensitivity – During Treatment

The dentist will adjust the prescription and treatment time according to the patient’s response towards heightened sensitivity. So as to avoid maximum discomfort during the process and gain best results possible. The dentist will record the time spent for each whitening session and alter the treatment accordingly.

Prevent Teeth Whitening Sensitivity – After Treatment

After the teeth whitening treatment, the doctor will prescribe a toothpaste or gel to cope up with sensitivity. Generally the sensitivity is expected to last for about 48 hours. You can very well get back to your normal toothpaste after this phase. Also, when brushing teeth, use soft bristled toothbrush and lukewarm water, this would take the tingle out of your teeth. Once after the treatment procedure, try to avoid extreme hot or cold drinks, as it can stain your newly whitened teeth.

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