Full Arch Dental Implants – The Ultimate Option to Complete Your Smile

Full Arch Dental Implants - The Ultimate Option to Complete Your Smile

Suffering from missing teeth? You may feel embarrassed to smile near your peers and family. If you have lost most or all of your teeth, getting full arch dental implants in Parramatta is the ultimate option to restore your smile. Full mouth dental implants are specially designed to replace all of your missing teeth and a better opportunity to replace your missing teeth.

What Is Full Mouth Dental Implants?

As mentioned earlier, full mouth dental implants are specially designed to replace all you missing teeth and improve your appearance. Unlike dentures, dental implants are comfortable to wear and provide you with a great speaking and chewing experience. The professionals from a leading Parramatta dental clinic says full arch dental implants provide you with a new smile that helps you look better and young.

How It Differs from Traditional Dentures?

Dentures were considered to be the best option to replace the missing teeth as it’s inexpensive and looks real. Unfortunately, they had to be adjusted every few years to make them fit into your mouth and stay comfortable. Today, full-arch dental implants are used to replace a full arch of teeth, creating a stable, attractive smile. They can be secured in the jaw as a long-term replacement for missing teeth. This procedure may involve placing 4 or 6 implants to support all the teeth in each arch, depending on the dental health of the individual.


In order to find out whether you are suitable for the full-arch dental implant procedure, it’s wise to consult your dentist from a leading dental clinic in Parramatta. He or she will explain you the procedure involved in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, the possible risks, and the cost. Your dentist will consider your medical history, oral health, and jaws to see if you are eligible for the procedure. You will be considered for full arch dental implants if you have good oral health and healthy gums.

The Timeline

Full-arch dental implants need some time to heal before placing the dentures, and because of this reason, it may take a year to complete. However, the time varies depending on your oral health. Your restoration procedure may take even longer if you need bone grafting to strengthen your jaw tissue before placing the implants.

Full Arch Dental Implants Cost

The cost of full arch dental implants depends on the patient’s location, the experience of the dentist, insurance coverage, treatment plan of the patient, and other factors. When you choose the best Parramatta dental clinic, you will get the right expertise and a friendly environment to win your smile again at an affordable cost.

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