First Dental Visit – Tips to Ease Your Child’s Nerves

First Dental Visit – Tips to Ease Your Child’s Nerves

According to the Australian Dental Association, children should make their first visit to a dentist by their first birthday. Yes, even if they don’t have single or many teeth, it’s vital to get their mouth evaluated by a paediatric dentist in Parramatta. This helps build healthy dental habits in your kids. But, when it comes to ‘first dental visit,’ it’s naturally accompanied by anxiety. Here we’ve listed a few tips to calm their nerves and prepare them for their first dental visit.

Choose the Right Dentist

You can take your kid to a paediatric dentist who specialises in working with younger patients. Moreover, they have a        wide knowledge of child development and behavioural management to prepare for treating children. They also create a youthful, energetic environment to build trust and help ease fears in kids.

Know What to Expect

If you are unaware of what to expect during the first dental visit, it’d be difficult for you to prepare your kids for it. So, talk to your dentist or dental office prior to the appointment to know how they handle first visits. Even though your child’s first dental visit is focused on introducing and familiarising your child with the dental office environment, it also includes a dental exam. The paediatric dentist or an orthodontist in Parramatta, whom you have chosen for your child, will examine your child’s mouth to check for signs of decay. They will also provide your children with the best dental care tips.

Additional Steps to Take

  • Schedule an office tour to familiarize yourself with the location and layout.
  • Talk to the dentist and inform him or her about any special needs that your child has that may impact their oral health.
  • Make sure your child is well-fed and rested before the appointment.
  • Don’t schedule the first appointment right before lunch or sleeping time.
  • Discuss about dental visits and explain the importance of a regular check-up in advance so that the visit isn’t a surprise for them.
  • Talk about your dental visits for teeth whitening in Parramatta with your kids to put your child at ease.
  • Arrive early at the dental office to fill the forms and provide a complete dental history.
  • After the dental visit, talk about it with your child and remind them of the good parts such as painless examination and more to prepare your child for future visits.

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