Here is How to Handle Emergency Dental Care for Your Kids!

Here is How to Handle Emergency Dental Care for Your Kids!

Accidents are common, especially with little ones. These ever alert shrewd kids always run around the house and the garden. It is good for their health, but sometimes they end up with little accidents like falling down and getting injured. There is no need to fret! Dental injuries are common for children. Just by knowing how to respond during emergency situations, you can significantly help your child in the time of need. Here are some expert tips from dentist Parramatta for parents to act quickly and calmly during an emergency.

Knocked Out Tooth!

If you child falls prey to an accident hurting their baby teeth, reach out to dentist Parramatta as soon as possible. Though it is normal for children to lose their baby teeth, an accident can possibly affect the adjacent teeth and undeveloped adult tooth underneath the jaw.

Bitten Tongue or Lips:

Many reasons may result in injuries to the tongue or lips. If your child experiences a cut in his lip or tongue, gently clean the area with cotton and place cold compress to the area to hold down swelling. If bleeding doesn’t stop after a brief time, take your kid to dentist Parramatta for further examination.

Broken or Cracked Tooth:

Take your kid to the Parramatta dental clinic right away if he experiences a cracked or broken tooth. In the meantime, rinse their mouth with lukewarm water to keep it clean. Place a cold compress on his cheek to reduce swelling.

Don’t worry, there are many dental restoration options to replace your child’s sparkling smile!


Toothaches are common and are mostly caused due to decay or abscess.  Rinse their mouth with hot water to minimise pain.  If the pain is awful and does not subside over a period, take your child to the nearest Parramatta dentist. If there is swelling in the face, do not take it easy, swelling of the face could be a sign of serious infection.

Objects Caught in-between Teeth:

It is very common for food or other objects to get locked between teeth. Small children put in their mouth anything they could reach with their hands. In such cases, do not try to remove the object with pointed instruments. Just brush their teeth and floss. This will work!

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies from Occurring?

With simple precautions, you can avoid injury or accident to your child’s’ teeth.

  • When participating in sports and recreational activities, encourage your child to wear a mouthguard.
  • Supervise your young child. Do not let them insert unwanted things into their mouth.
  • Instruct him to use a scissor to cut open a chocolate pack or other things and never to use his teeth.
  • Try reducing trip hazards in your house. For example, fix gates to block stairways or other areas from your children.
  • Take them to the dentist Parramatta periodically, to make sure your child’s teeth are strong and healthy

Protect your child’s smile. The world always looks brighter from behind a smile!

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