Dental Crowns Parramatta

Dental crown is the best ideal option to restore a structurally compromised tooth to achieve ultimate strength, aesthetics and chewing function. Dental crown encloses the remaining tooth structure and filling to prevent filling or tooth broken or cracking, at the meantime, gives the tooth ultimate natural look. In Cure Dental, we guarantee that all crowns are made locally in Sydney with best possible material.

Why do some teeth need dental crowns?

  • Teeth with large dental filling or broken filling, if not protected by dental crown, may be subject to fracture, breaking or cracking.
  • Teeth with existing crack symptoms (pain on biting and cold). Dental crowns can prevent the crack getting worse.
  • After root canal treatment, to protect teeth from fracture, breaking or cracking. Tooth that receives root canal treatment has much higher chance of breaking, splitting or cracking without the protection of dental crown.
  • For anterior teeth with severe stain, discoloration or multiple filling, dental crown can make them look natural and perfect again.

What is crown made of?

Most of the dental crowns made these days are metal free with pure porcelain material therefore they are tooth coloured. There are two popular types that each of them has its own advantage.

  • Zirconia crown: strongest tooth coloured crown material ever invented. It just rarely breaks. For people with grinding habit and heavy bite muscle, it is the first choice of material for dental crown. It is also the first choice material for back teeth.
  • Emax crown: The material gives you the ultimate natural and delicate appearance. The material is translucent just like our natural teeth, even under bright light and sunlight. At the meantime, it is also prized for its durability and toughness. It is the most commonly used dental crowns for anterior teeth.

Dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth by connecting the two crowns made on the two teeth at the either side of the gap with a false tooth in the middle. It has long history and tracking records of replacing missing tooth with good aesthetics and full function recovery. The alternative of replacing missing tooth is  dental implant. Read more about dental implant.