Cosmetic Dental Guide – 4 Myths & Facts About Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments in Australia for a reason. It can easily fix dental issues and transform your smile for the better. In fact, it is a highly versatile procedure of cosmetic dentistry in Parramatta that you will ever see.

Despite the popularity, people often seem to ignore veneers just because of some misinformation making the rounds on the internet and elsewhere. To help give you a better understanding of this treatment, here are some popular myths and facts listed below.

Myth 1: Porcelain Veneers Require Huge Maintenance

Fact: Some people are under the impression that the results they get with veneers will last long, only when an extensive maintenance regime is followed. Absolutely not!

Once you get porcelain veneers, all you have to do for keeping it in top shape, is to regularly brush and floss as you normally would. There are special toothpastes available to keep your veneers last longer, but regular toothpastes would suffice as well.

Myth 2: Veneers Won’t Last Long

Fact: Another common belief is that porcelain veneers will look ugly in just a few years of its use. But that is not the case. Porcelain veneers have a coat on them to make it resistant to stains.

Your natural teeth will have pores that allow the staining molecules to penetrate, but not with porcelain veneers. In fact, when you maintain them well, porcelain veneers can last as long as 20 years without replacement. Practising proper oral hygiene is key to keep your veneers in top shape.

Myth 3: Porcelain Veneers can Break Easily

Fact: Are porcelain veneers really fragile? Not at all! Porcelain veneers when attached to the teeth, will only get stronger and last for many years. However, make sure that you are getting them from a reliable Parramatta dental clinic to ensure quality.

There are porcelain veneers of inferior quality available in the market that will get damaged pretty soon. Strong porcelain veneers are non-porous as well, so they won’t change its shade or colour upon usage.

Myth 4: Porcelain Veneers Weaken the Teeth

Fact: The truth is actually the opposite. Porcelain veneers are meant to not just improve the appearance of your teeth, but also make them stronger. Qualified dentist in Parramatta recommends veneers for those who have a weak or damaged tooth enamel. When you maintain a healthy dental hygiene along with regular dentist appointments, porcelain veneers are effective in strengthening your teeth.

These are some of the very common misconceptions that you will often hear about porcelain veneers. It makes your smile better, stronger, and beautiful for many years to come. Talk to a certified dental specialist today, if you have any queries about this highly effective cosmetic dental treatment.

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