Learn The Common Problems Associated With Baby Teeth!

Problems that can affect the oral health of children include tooth decay, thumb sucking, teeth grinding, sensitivity, early tooth loss, bad breathe, and much more. Though baby teeth remain only for a short period, they leave a strong foundation for the permanent ones. Thus, preserving your child’s teeth play a major role in maintaining their overall health and well-being.

Usually, we do a lot to save our kids from oral complexities. Having good knowledge about the common oral issues help you realise the early signs of dental problems. This allows you to take the necessary steps to eradicate the issues. Here, the dentist in Parramatta offers some excellent tips to be familiar with the common oral problems in children.

Tooth Decay!

Tooth decay is one of the serious oral problems which when left untreated, results in severe health complications. Carbohydrate foods such as candies, cookies, and even fruit juices leave deposits on the teeth. These leftovers combine with the bacteria that reside in the mouth forming plaque build-up resulting in tooth decay.

When the teeth and gums are constantly exposed to sugary foods, acids may form that begin to erode the tooth enamel. When you notice any signs of tooth decay in your child, take your child to the Parramatta dentist immediately. Tooth decay is a preventable disease, and can be resolved easily with the help of a professional. The dentist will clean up your child’s teeth, and also explain some healthy oral practices like brushing and flossing.

Early Tooth Loss!

The major cause of tooth loss in children is due to decay or injuries. In some cases, the baby teeth will be lost before the eruption of permanent teeth. This can cause the nearby teeth to shift its position leading to tooth misalignment. Proper oral hygiene together with regular dental check-ups in Parramatta dental clinic helps preserve your child’s teeth for a long time.

Sensitive Teeth!

Consumption of sugary foods and drinks often lead to sensitive teeth in children. When left untreated, the tooth enamel wears down and the teeth start to develop tiny cracks.

Gum Disease!

The bacteria and food leftovers accumulate on the teeth to form plaque. This causes inflammation of gums. When not treated properly, this can deteriorate the bone surrounding it. Gum disease even causes the gum tissues to swell, turn reddish and in cases it leads to bleeding.

As the disease advances, the teeth may fall out or need to be extracted. With regular brushing and flossing, the gum disease can be prevented. Inflammation of gums can even lead to early tooth loss and other oral complications. If your child has bad breath, it’s good to check his/her gums.

When you happen to notice any oral problems in your child, consider the dentist in Parramatta!

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