Common Dental Implant Questions Answered

Are you suffering from missing one or more tooth? Then dental implants are the right choice! You might have heard lot about dental implants procedure, but still you may have lot of questions. So, here, we have answered a few questions asked by most people about dental implants procedure.

What is Dental Implants Surgery?

A common alternative for replacing missing teeth is dental implant surgery. Dental implant in Parramatta is a long-term procedure that is surgically inserted into the mouth, unlike temporary dentures that sit on the gum line. These inserted, artificial teeth have the same features and look like real teeth. They are a permanent alternative to ordinary bridgework and dentures. Often dentist in Parramatta suggest undergoing dental implants treatment for missing tooth.

What are the benefits of Dental Implant Surgery?

The various benefits of having dental implants are:

  • Enhanced look: Dental implants have a more natural look and feel than dentures. They become irreversible when they fuse with your jawbone. You won’t even remember them finally.
  • Enhanced voice: In your mouth, dentures will slip, become loose, and make it very difficult to speak clearly. On the other side, dental implants replace the teeth without needing any kind of regular changes.
  • Enhanced convenience: They are naturally a part of you until you’re used to the feeling of your new dental implants!
  • Easier food: No more having to think about your favourite foods being unable to consume! They work just like normal teeth, because dental implants are fused into your jaw. It is not affected by working teeth. With a tooth-supported bridge, it is important to minimize surrounding healthy teeth to support the replacements. Dental implants do not, however, impact working teeth, enhancing your overall oral health. Plus, between individual implanted teeth, it’s easier to clean.

What happens during the procedure?

Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone where the roots of the missing teeth are replaced. The implants contain titanium that fuses with the jawbone when injected into the jaw. The dental implant in Parramatta remain securely in place until fusion happens, they don’t slip or make noise. There are various types of dental implants available and the procedure is performed based on your jaw condition and the implant type.

Who should have implants for dentistry?

Dental implants are not for everyone, but dental implants may be the better option for certain conditions and circumstances:

  • Getting more than one tooth missing
  • Having a jawbone that has completed maximum maturity
  • Having huge quantities of bone to protect the implant
  • Giving oral tissues that are safe
  • Being reluctant or unable to wear dentures

Are dental implants safe?

Unlike traditional dentures and bridgework, no bone damage is caused by dental implants. In addition, all the dental implant products used are healthy and do not cause any decay. Even, prior to getting dental implant surgery, people with certain medical problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, should consult with their health care provider. Fortunately, as long as certain precautions are met, most people with these conditions will receive the green light for the procedure. For children, dental implant surgery is not recommended as their jaws have not reached full growth yet.

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