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childrens-dentistryAt Cure Dental, we accept Medicare Child Dental Scheme. The scheme provides eligible children aged 2 to 17 with $1000 for general dental treatments. If you are not sure whether your children are eligible or not, feel free to give us a call 9635 6888 to check.

We encourage children from the ages of two to three to have their first dental visit. Starting from an early age encourages good oral hygiene and reduces the fears of seeing a dentist. Children have the highest risk of developing dental decay, which if not treated, causes pain, potential infection and abnormal development of permanent teeth.

Research Into Children’s Dental Problems

Research shows that children with dental decay in their baby teeth are much more likely to have decay affecting their permanent teeth.

More importantly, loss of baby teeth due to dental decay will cause a lack of space for permanent teeth therefore significantly increasing the risk of crowded permanent teeth and the requirement for braces.

It is important to tell your children that a visit to the dentist is nothing to be afraid of. Also try to avoid the expression of fear for dentists in front of your children – because they can easily pick up that impression.

Our dental clinic provides a children’s dentist service in Parramatta and is conveniently located for people in Parramatta and surrounding areas.

Our Range Of Services

We will provide the following services for children’s regular visits to our dentist:

  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • X-ray check if necessary
  • Teeth polish and clean
  • Hygiene instruction
  • Fluoride or tooth mousse application to reduce decay risk
  • Fissure seal permanent molars
  • Tooth fillings if required
  • Orthodontics for children and adolescents

The Importance Of Children’s Dentistry

Having straight teeth and a beautiful smile is not a dream and you deserve it.

Do not put it off as we offer free first consultation and we offer you the best technology (conventional braces and invisalign) that suits you.

For children from age 7-8, it is important that they receive consultation to detect habitual problem (such as thumb sucking) and bite discrepancy (overbite and under bite) because these issues need to be detected and addressed as early as possible. If neglected, full correction may not be possible at a later age without extensive surgery.

For teenagers, orthodontic treatment is recommended as early as they develop a full set of adult teeth (usually at age 11-13) because teeth move faster at this age.


We accept all private insurance companies

CBHS Health Fund




  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • X-ray check if necessary
  • Teeth clean and polish
  • Fluoride treatment



  • In-chair whitening session
  • Customised take-home whitening tray
  • Poladay take-home whitening gel


$ 950 EACH

  • Valid for a package of 4+ veneers
  • Improves stains and discoloration
  • Improves gaps and chips
  • Improves worn down and misaligned teeth


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