Know The Facts About Baby Tooth Extraction Procedure!

Know The Facts About Baby Tooth Extraction Procedure!

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond”!

With the high amount of sugary foods offered to kids each day at their school and home, it’s easy for plaque to shape on their teeth. If an infected tooth remains in their mouth for a long time, your child may experience pain and permit the infection to spread to neighbouring teeth too. Here are some tips offered by the Dentist in Parramatta to know all about Children’s Tooth Extraction Procedure!

Having a tooth extracted can be a problematic and scary thing for kids. As a parent, you need to know what’s involved in the procedure so that you can formulate your kids for the treatment.

What Are All The Causes Of Tooth Extraction?

  • When your child’s tooth got to be wholly decayed which can’t be restored.
  • Dental extraction is required when the tooth is cracked or due to jaw fractures.
  • If the baby tooth gets affected due to the outbreak of permanent adult successor, then tooth extraction is done.
  • When the tooth gets affected by the formation of dental cysts or tumours, then removal is done.
  • Due to the impaction and excessive teeth, tooth extraction is performed.
  • Tooth extractions are also done for the fixture of braces. In case of crowding, the dentist may remove one or more teeth to create space for drifting the teeth.

What’s The Procedure Involved In Child Tooth Extraction?

Initially, Parramatta dentist takes an X-ray of your child’s tooth to examine the severity of damage. If the affected tooth is beyond the repairing stage, then tooth extraction procedure is recommended. If the child is worried and nervous about the tooth extraction procedure, then anti-anxiety medication will be offered to the child.

According to the nature of treatment, anaesthesia may be given to the child. This depends on the age, health and comfort level of the child. The dentist employs a dental elevator and forceps to remove the tooth from its socket.

When the tooth is impacted, or it’s not evident above the gum line, then surgical tooth extraction is performed. Sedation or general anaesthesia may be given to the child before surgical tooth extraction.

Aftercare Tips!

Here are some aftercare tips offered by the Dentist in Parramatta!

  • Provide your child with the suggested medication to calm soreness in their jaw.
  • Place an ice pack on the swollen areas for about 20 minutes to reduce inflammation.
  • Say no to sticky foods and serve only soft foods.
  • Contact your dentist immediately if your child experiences fever or swelling.

When you are planning to decide on tooth extraction for your child, consider Parramatta dental clinic since they offer a wide range of paediatric dental treatments which are mainly intended to advance the oral health of your kids!

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